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Emballage, Conditionnement, packaging éco-citoyen écoconception

1. Areas of Expertise

Operational and Strategic Actions

Assist companies in their strategic choices and the management of packaging

We think that Packaging is a key factor for success answering to market and customers' expectations and delivering consumer benefits. Packaging is as strategic as the product

2. Services - Our added Value


2.1.1.Strategic : after a pragmatic audit (core business strategy,organisation ,main aims...)

help to optimise and improve existing packaging projects, to boost sales with packaging innovation concepts.

Gather consumer trends data to deliver consumer benefits

Fit together functionalities, image/design/brand, technologies and materials

Ascertain functional requirements of the packaging through its complete life cycle

Reduce the environmental impact (Life Cycle Think and L.C. Analysis)

  • To bring added value and develop the product/pack ranges

2.1.2 Management : Implement continuous development of packaging systems in companies bringing together tools, methods and best practice in technical , economic, industrial and marketing aspects.

  • For more reactivity, productivity and competitiviness to optimize companies profits


2.2.1. Optimisation and innovation Projects : Audits and diagnostics , economic intelligence,creativity, environmentally friendly concepts (Sustainable development strategy)technical feasibility studies, creating, developing , implementing and optimising packaging solutions.

2.2.2. Audit, Diagnostic and actions plans : Value Optimisation of complete cycle, solving quality problems, Improving industrial performance ( Transport, sourcing and purchasing strategy,improving the graphics chain...

For more details, see our web site with customer interviews

Our competitive advantage: Listening to you and acting to obtain results . Working together transversally with all the operational services . Implement process improvement programs in partnership -> Mesuring the results with our customers

3. Our Markets / Clients

  • Pharmaceuticals/heath ,Cosmetics,Medical, Luxury...and Food industries.
  • Training : Technology Schools,Technical Centers, Schools of management, International Conferences , Trade fair

Laurent Le Breton

  • Innovation Management consultant
  • Packaging Expert
  • Trainer


  • Master Degree - IDCE Angers/Paris
  • Fully qualified Consultant
  • Packaging Engineer - ESIEC Reims
  • 22 years of experience in national and international companies

2iPACK Consulting - Rezé (Nantes) FRANCE - General Manager : Laurent LE BRETON

SARL - capital 8000 euros - RCS Nantes 483 949 046 - Accredited Training Center